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Two Months…

In Uncategorized on February 1, 2009 at 1:21 am

Wow. I haven’t updated this blog for two months. The last update was December 1st. It’s February 1st now. Jeepers.

I’m back in Australia, it’s stupidly hot here, and I wish I was back in the UK. But I have some stuff planned, so that’s good. More info to come, I guess.

I’ll sum up the last month or so of my trip at some point next week – there’s some good photos from Finland that I haven’t uploaded yet, so I’ll have to do that sometime. And I might even do an extremely belated 2008 music roundup. I attempted something of a top twenty back in December, but I got to number fifteen and got bored because I was writing it in my notebook. I probably won’t do one as extensive as previous years, because, well, fuck it.

Halfblog is back up and running for another year. Expect more of the same tired old drivel. I know I am. But at least no work complaining can be expected – I haven’t got a job! Hurrah…

  1. welcome back!

    And welcome to the jobless bloggers union!

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