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Lancaster Uni – The Story So Far

In Lancaster Trip on October 2, 2008 at 9:21 am

Well, I wrote a bunch of stuff about the first few days here at Lancaster in my notebook but I really can’t be bothered typing it all up because there’s a lot of whinging. So I’m just going to write a bunch of stuff.

I got here after a horribly delayed trip thanks to some guy getting hit by a train and eventually found my room. I’ve managed to gather up some plates, bowls, cutlery and mugs thanks to the supermarket and a charity store. I’m not starving yet but haven’t really bought any food other than microwave meals and sandwiches from the bakery. One of the flatmates cooked a lunch today of some kind of cabbage, capsicum, fried pork fibre and rice, served with Taiwanese tea. The pork fibre looks like wood dust and tastes very odd, but interesting nonetheless.

My room is lacking a rubbish bin, the kitchen was lacking a kettle until yesterday and still has no toaster, and they’re shutting off the gas supply to the building this weekend because there’s a problem that’s making the radiators not work. The other two people on this floor are cool but those upstairs seem to be continually moving furniture about, and played Metallica at 2am the other morning.

Enrolling was a stupidly convoluted process where we all had to queue up at various department desks and write our names on lists. One subject I was going to take was cancelled within the last week so now I’m doing one about 1960s political culture in Europe and it sounds like it should be good. The seminars we’ve had to go to have been fairly boring and there’s more of them coming up tomorrow which I can’t say I’m really looking forward to because I’d rather use the time trying to get all my washing done. I’ve only got about 3 shirts left and have a new Lancaster Uni jumper that I want to wear. And there’s only more talks from the different departments on Friday that appear to go all day.

All the social stuff is a little overwhelming. It appears that you have to be totally loyal to your college. People just start chanting college songs at various intervals. They all seem to be “*college* ’til I die”, though. Seems kind of silly but whatever. There’s been ‘childhood hero’ and cross-dressing nights at the Bowland College bar so far, and tomorrow is an ‘A & E’ night. They really like dressing up here. Especially cross dressing. I passed on that, but I did put a coat and gloves on for the childhood hero one and say I was an explorer. Lame, but better than others who claimed to be going as themselves.

I got my ticket for the Bowland fresher’s dinner today so that should be good, I hope. I think we have to look somewhat smart. It’s at the Carleton in Morecambe. I’ll have to make sure. Good thing I brought my long-sleeve shirt. I knew it would come in handy eventually. And then I’m going up to the Lakes District on Sunday. It should be nice. I think there’s only 4 people signed up for it so far. At least I’ve made a friend who’s coming along. It could be a bit lonely otherwise.

As it’s nearly 1am it’s probably a good idea that I go to bed. Too many late nights this week. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve got a day of talks tomorrow to go to. So all is good so far, I guess. I’m feeling somewhat homesick but it hasn’t really got to me too much. Not yet, anyway.


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