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New Forest

In Lancaster Trip on September 23, 2008 at 1:19 am

We went to the New Forest this weekend. It’s this region down in the south of England that was set up by William the Conqueror to hunt in back in the 11th Century, and it’s been the same ever since, all natural wilderness and little villages. It’s beautiful. The residents are allowed to let their horses and cattle roam around and graze, and they’re given right of way, so they just wander through the villages and cars have to stop for them.

New Forest
New Forest
New Forest
It’s pretty awesome to be able to have a drink outside a pub and have a horse come up to say hello. I did find the town of Burley to be sort of odd, though. They have two shops based on witchcraft. It’s only a small town. How do they support two?

It’s a really beautiful area, the New Forest. You can drive for five minutes and go from clifftops over beaches, to dense forest, to open scrubland plains. just beautiful.

New Forest
New Forest
Those rock formations off the coast in the first picture are the needles off the Isle of Wight. It was a really good view out there from Milford-on-Sea. Again, great weather. Incredibly sunny. Yesterday was the last day of it apparently, so it was perfect for getting about the place. Unfortunately that also meant that it was perfect for the New Forest Marathon. We were held up for a good half hour or so as they all straggled past. We’d only passed them about an hour beforehand and they were all in a big group, but that was only five minutes from the start. By this time, they were spread out for a mile or so, and there was no sign of the three in Spongebob Squarepants costumes we’d seen at the start.

So yeah, a very nice little part of the world. Pity about their weird accents.

We also stopped by Chichester to see some more of the extended family. The cathedral’s massive and is full of dead bishops.
Chichester Cathedral
Chichester Cathedral
Chichester Cathedral

  1. With all the horses around, wouldn’t you think there would be enormous piles of crap sitting in the middle of the road, obscuring traffic and such?

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