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London (Days 3 & 4)

In Uncategorized on September 22, 2008 at 3:19 am

Day 3:

Went to the London Zoo! Took the tube to Camden and walked up there. Perfect weather. It’s been so sunny. I was there early-ish so for a good hour or so I wasn’t bugged by other people. Which meant I could take pictures of pigs and meerkats and giraffes!
London Zoo
London Zoo
London Zoo

And a tapir! It wasn’t nearly as interesting but they have a habit of looking funny.
London Zoo
It just seems so depressed.

They’ve got a really cool rainforest building. It’s full of tiny monkeys.
London Zoo
London Zoo

Sadly I didn’t get pics of a lot of the zoo because the camera’s battery died. But I did get a pic of the penguins. These are the little dudes that fascinated Russell Brand.
London Zoo

I also went to the National Gallery and got lost. It doesn’t help that every room has religious paintings in it and all have multiple entrances. I constantly went around in circles. Very beautiful works, but damn, did they really need all those images of Jesus?

Outside the Gallery, on the steps of Trafalgar Square, there was a massive squad (over a hundred or so) of football supporters. I don’t know who they were but they were in red and white. They were all chanting in something that didn’t sound English and were surrounded by police. They were attracting quite a crowd, including one homeless dude who ambled up, stared for a bit, then started chanting back at them.

Day 4:

Went to HMV to buy CDs (I needed new music for the new iPod touch I bought…) then took the train back to Leighton Buzzard. The walk to Euston Station was terrible. Everything felt heavier (probably because I had new things) and the heat just made it uncomfortable. I sure was glad to be on that train.

I think London was a success. It’s a beautiful city. It’s very busy but didn’t get too bad outside of the rush hours. And people don’t know how to walk without getting in other peoples’ way. But I really do like it. I just wish that they didn’t have so many H&M stores in Oxford St. The store’s good (I got my gloves from there, as well as my new bag), but do they need 3 stores in 3 minutes walking distance of each other? I tried using one as a waypoint and the other two baffled me. I ended up walking in the wrong direction for ten minutes because of that.

  1. I am going to keep a list of your London Tourist Commision slogans and submit them for consideration by the appropriate party.

    LONDON: I think it’s a success.®
    LONDON: There isn’t shit all over the place.®

    When I was in America my camera battery had the decency to run out in DC just after I took a photo of the Lincoln Memorial. Your camera is a bitch. Loved the message though, dude. I was at Pinky Beecroft just when you sent it. The support band was shithouse – they played their originals like covers. Pinky was good – his drummer is short, his guitarist is from the Gold Coast and his bass player is a dick with a giant goatee who mouths all the lyrics to the songs. That is my review.


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