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London (Days 1 & 2)

In Lancaster Trip on September 22, 2008 at 2:45 am

Day 1:

Got into London about 11. Going to wander about for a few days. After dumping my bags at the hostel I went down to British Museum. I must admit I expected it to be better. Sure, I’ve seen the Rosetta Stone and Cleopatra’s mummy and a bunch of other old stuff the Brits stole, but it seemed to be lacking something. Maybe it was the lack of stuffed animals. And quite frankly, there was too much pottery for my liking.

So with that done it was time to explore Oxford St and its surroundings. Most of the larger stores are confusing. They have odd layouts, with escalators hidden in corners or menswear departments hidden underground or doorways that seem to lead in three different directions. I got quite lost. But I was successful in finding leather gloves. And a bag. But still can’t find a decent jacket.

I also visited the Regent St Apple Store. Jesus, it’s big. Just tables full of iPods and Macs and iPhones, spread over two floors. And it’s constantly busy with people using the machines. Even at 8pm Tuesday night. Crazy.

Found a little restaurant/cafe place for dinner. Then came back to hostel. Fairly basic room but as I’m out all day, all I need is a bed and shower so it doesn’t matter.

Day 2:

Wandered all the way from Waterloo Station to the Tate Modern. Quite a nice walk. Was long, though. Probably could have found a closer station.

The Tate was very interesting. Some brilliant artwork. But some was just plain retarded, like the pile of bricks in one room, or the empty room with a shipping container in the corner. I watched people enter the room and they didn’t even realise it was a piece of art (allegedly). It just looked like a shipping container in the corner of a room.

Walked over to St Paul’s Cathedral after that. It’s rather large.

But there were roadworks all over the place around it so it was just unpleasant to be around. So I decided to go to the Natural History Museum instead. I managed to work out how to get the tube there and everything. Not so confusing at all, really.

The Natural History Museum is full of dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are incredibly awesome. So if we use simple mathematics, that means the Natural History Museum is also awesome.
Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum

Of course, the stuffed animals I was looking for the previous day were here. Obviously. They seemed kind of weird. I think it was the eyes. They don’t seem right.
Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum

And the sheep looked way too smug for its own good.
Natural History Museum

The only problem was that it’s Fashion Week in London at the moment, and the main venue is a pavilion outside the Museum. So the place was full of snooty people in stupid clothes. Boo.


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