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England, Day 3

In Lancaster Trip on September 8, 2008 at 3:47 am

Met Tom (a cousin) and his friends and went out for a few games of pool, then went out to St Alban’s Cathedral. The place is incredible. Such beautiful architecture. Old, too – the shrine of St Alban is supposed to have been visited for over 1700 years, and the Quire’s been prayed at since 1077. I’m still trying to get my head around just how ancient these places are.

St Alban's
St Alban's
St Alban's
St Alban's

We also wandered through the town by the cathedral – though some of the town’s been affected (like most of the place) by modernisation, there’s still some brilliant Tudor-era buildings in existence. I like how the wood structure’s all crooked, and the way the second floor juts out. I don’t know why it’s so, though.


Finally, from there we visited the Berkhamsted Castle ruins. It’s basically just a field with some crumbling stone walls now, but it was once a massive stone castle from Norman times, with a moat and all. The walls are quite impressive, even while mostly gone. They’re just so thick. I can’t imagine how long it would have taken to build.

Berkhamsted Castle

And now I’m going to read the Times. I’m trying to work out what’s a decent paper. So far I’ve read the Times and the Mirror. The Times is quite good, very in-depth articles, more like what you’d find in a journal than a newspaper, but the Mirror’s very gossipy, all stories with big colour photos about pop stars or football players. As for papers I haven’t read yet, all I know is that the Sun has the page 3 girl, and the Daily Mail has free CDs from the 1980s with it starting from tomorrow. So they all have their good points I guess? Probably not.

  1. Great to see you having a smashing old time in the old country and it seems that all the preparation for English beer has paid off!
    The photos are great, keep em coming. V & I

  2. Your best bet on a newspaper is either The Guardian or The Independent. They’re a bit like The Age/SMH.

  3. Fab photos! For a decent read, you should get The Guardian (Saturday if you want the TV guide!), or possibly The Observer. Or Private Eye of course 🙂

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