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Gravy Chip Review

In reviews on August 14, 2008 at 3:13 pm

A few months ago, Hamish and Andy, of the Hamish and Andy Show on the Austereo Network, came up with the idea of inventing their own flavour of chip. They put it to their listeners to vote for a flavour, which resulted in the creation, with the help of Smith’s Crisps, of the gravy chip – “The People’s Chip”.

After two successful runs of 500 and 60,000 packets respectively, the gravy chip was made available in stores around Australia on August 11.

Upon opening the bag, there doesn’t seem to be much difference in aroma to barbecue chips, though the gravy chips are slightly beefier. They are visually different, however – not as orange as barbecue chips tend to be, but with little black specks all over. Pepper, maybe?

While I was suspicious of how authentic the gravy flavour would be, they do actually taste of gravy. It’s a simple flavour – it’s basically beef, much like a stock cube in chip form, and just as you’d expect from a stock cube, incredibly salty. This means that it doesn’t take much before the roof of my mouth is stinging from salt, which takes away from the experience somewhat.

Apart from the base beef flavour, there’s not much else. I would have expected a hint of vegetable in addition to the meat, but it seems that the gravy variant used to manufacture the flavour was chosen for its emphasis on the meat. 

So are they actually any good? Well, yeah. The flavour is strong and recognisable as a rich beef gravy, which I would say fulfils its aim. If anything, they’re the beef equivalent of the chicken chip. To be honest, I don’t know why this hasn’t been a permanent addition to the Smith’s lineup of flavours, as it would complement the others quite nicely. It’s not a bad chip by any means.

The gravy chip is available until the end of next week (August 22), so if the idea of a novelty gravy-flavoured chip designed by a couple of guys on the radio sounds like your sort of thing, go buy some before they sell out.


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