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Crumpet Toast?

In reviews on August 12, 2008 at 9:11 pm

I think we can all agree that toast is good. Many would also agree that crumpets are also good. So if we follow this to its over-simplistic conclusion, then surely crumpets + toast = great.



It's crumpets AND toast!

It's crumpets AND toast!

 Well, I had some this morning, and I’m not quite sure about that.

For a start, there isn’t much of it. There’s maybe eight slices per loaf, not including the ends. And it’s a very small loaf, too. The slices are roughly three quarters the size of your usual white sliced. They are slightly thicker, but not by much.

The texture is odd. It’s much like bread, but spongier… like a sponge. Imagine a regular kitchen sponge, damp enough to give a bit of weight, and that’s a slice of crumpet toast. Don’t forget to imagine the dampness, because that’s there, too. I found it rather alarming.

I’m assuming the dampness is to prevent the toast from drying out and burning in the toaster. While usually I like my toast done until golden, which takes about 2 minutes to achieve with regular bread, the crumpet toast was in there for about 4 minutes before threatening to go further than ‘slightly brownish’. So I guess it can be said that the toast is indeed golden, as its name suggests.

As for taste, well, I can’t say it was terrible, unlike this guy. But it’s nowhere near the same level as real crumpets. It just tastes, well… like toast. It’s not unpleasant, just bland. And it’s definitely not crumpets.

So really, I can’t say you should or shouldn’t get some crumpet toast. If you do, well, you’ll experience some ordinary tasting toast. And if you don’t, you could spend your money on some crumpets. Or some toast.

  1. Where have you been? I had crumpet toast month and months ago.

    Personally, I don’t mind it. Then again, I don’t mind anything, as long as it doesn’t taste like poison.

    I have been keeping a look out for Crumpet Toast Crumpets, though.

  2. I’ve known of crumpet toast for a while but have not had access to it. Boo.

  3. I do love crumpets (I see no mention of honey, if you are eating them without honey then there is something definitely wrong here!), but I have to say that the thought of crumpet toast doesn’t really appeal to me. I enjoy the edges of the crumpets the best, and it just seems like the edges wouldn’t be as good in loaf-form.

  4. Crumpet edges are the best part, yes. I grill crumpets so the bottom is just about burnt, and it gets the edges real crispy. It’s almost biscuit-like.

  5. Ok..this is late but, crumpet toast is awesome…but only when it’s smothered in maple syrup..it soaks it up real nice. Tastes a good deal better than maple on standard crumpets or standard toast 🙂

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