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of Montreal – Id Engager

In reviews on August 11, 2008 at 6:55 pm

of Montreal (remember, the ‘of’ isn’t capitalised!) have released the first single from their upcoming album Skeletal Lamping. It’s called ‘Id Engager’, and it’s excellent.

Of Montreal: “Id Engager”

It’s very much in keeping with the sound of the second half of their 2007 album Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?, with plenty of synths, ‘ooh-ahh’ backing vocals, noise snippets and screams. It seems to be continuing Hissing Fauna’s theme of Kevin Barnes’ metamorphosis into Georgie Fruit, repeating the line ‘can’t help it if it’s true, don’t want to be a man, just want to play with you’, but there seems to be something darker happening as well;

Ladies, I’m screaming out to you from the depths of this phallocentric tyranny,

My self-concept is awaiting your invasion, clumsy penetration punishment… oh yeah.

When the hope of another wet nightmare is all we have to live for.

It’s also perfect for dancing in the kitchen to.

Skeletal Lamping is out mid-October 2008. More info is available at the of Montreal blog.


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