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Eurovision Song Contest Semi Finals 2

In Uncategorized on May 24, 2008 at 10:09 pm

These are my even newer favourites:

Latvia: This needs no explanation. None at all.

Croatia: Everything good and true about the world is contained within these three minutes.

Lithuania: He sounds drunk, is wearing leather pants, and his hair is ridiculous.

Czech Republic: Must I say why?

  1. I can’t help feeling that the competition would be fairer if all the competitors sang in Esperanto. If you’re not familiar with the language, take a look at: esperanto dot net

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  2. I see that Belgium submitted an entry in a “man-made” language.
    Perhaps they should have used Esperanto instead, which has the added quality of being a living language.
    I suggest next time they check esperanto dot net

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  3. Oh, most definitely. The use of a language understood by, at most, 2 million people, would surely be something that an estimated 600 million-strong worldwide audience would enjoy. And I’m sure that those countries who take pride in their national language would love to use an artificial one that has no ties to their culture. Esperanto: a man made language indeed.

  4. I agree, esperanto dot net (this message brought to you by the Association of People Who Spam Eurovision Blog and Forum Entries To Post Up Out Of Place Opinions About Use of Stupid, Irrelevant Languages)

    What the deal with the fire in Czech Republics entry. Are they trying to burn the fucking place down? I liked the pirates, just because, well, they were pirates.

    I liked the guy with the tiny platic guitar too. And wasn’t there some strange beardo guy with beard wearing backup dancers? Or was that just the lighting?

  5. They need no reason for pyrotechnics at Eurovision. If they want explosions or fireworks or fire, they get them!

    The beardo with the bearded backing singers was France. He also inhaled helium.

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