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DEVO are coming to Adelaide!

And they’re being supported by Regurgitator!

Oh God, I am so excited.

They’re playing Thebarton Theatre on Monday, August 4. Tickets go on sale Thursday, June 12 from Venuetix.

This is going to be the best show EVER!

Eurovision Final

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Well, I can’t say I’m too impressed by Eurovision’s winning song. I thought Russia’s entry was a fairly stock standard ballad, and the performance, while as camp as a blond-haired, linen-shirted man on ice skates can get, was visually dull.

I know that my favourites, like Bosnia & Herzegovina’s washing line antics, Croatia’s ranting old man, and Latvia’s pirate troupe, weren’t going to win, but I’d have thought that Europe would go for something more entertaining than that. The second and third-place winners weren’t bad, though.

While it was necessary to hold multiple semi-finals this year due to so many countries wanting to compete, I think they took the magic away from the grand final. We’d already seen all the entries (bar the big four and Serbia) in the semis, so there wasn’t really any reason to watch the final. They were the same performances. However, if we hadn’t watched the semis, we would have missed some good stuff that wasn’t voted through. At least in previous years, with the one semi-final, we’d only seen about 10 of the 24 songs before the main event. I much preferred it that way.

Eurovision Song Contest Semi Finals 2

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These are my even newer favourites:

Latvia: This needs no explanation. None at all.

Croatia: Everything good and true about the world is contained within these three minutes.

Lithuania: He sounds drunk, is wearing leather pants, and his hair is ridiculous.

Czech Republic: Must I say why?

Eurovision Song Contest Semi Finals 1

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These are my new favourite songs:

Estonia: A song that, as far as I can tell, is about cake and turnips.

Bosnia & Herzegovina: I don’t know what the fuck.

Countdown to September

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I am flying out on Tuesday, September 2. To London. Via Singapore. I get back mid-January. I have pretty awesome seats on the trip there – not so great coming back, but they’re still decent. The main thing is that I have tickets to England!

I am so stoked right now.

On the other hand, I have a terrible headache.

…Earth To The Dandy Warhols…

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...Earth to the Dandy Warhols...

The Dandy Warhols have a new album out, Earth To The Dandy Warhols… . It’s one of their strongest albums, and the first three tracks, The World, The People Together (Come On), Mission Control and Welcome To The Third World, is definitely the strongest 1-2-3 punch opener they’ve had so far.

There’s all the usual stuff you’d expect from the Dandys – a few tight pop songs (Do You Love Me and Welcome to the Third World are two of their best), the obvious first single (which is Mission Control this time around, but it’s actually really good, instead of merely average like most of their singles) a little bit of bar-room stomping (The Legend of The Last of the Outlaw Truckers AKA the Ballad of Sheriff Shorty), and yet another wandering nowhere track at the end, this time being Musee D’Nougat, in which the history of nougat is discussed in a French accent for fourteen minutes. It’s close to being my favourite of all the Dandy Warhols albums, but I still say that Welcome To The Monkey House is their best.

As their contract with Capitol Records has ended, they’ve released it under their own label, Beat The World, and have taken the same digital download route as Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails have.

The difference is that the Dandys have created a subscription model. For US$34 (roughly AU$37), not only do you get a high-quality (320 kbps) digital copy, available as soon as you’ve paid, the CD a week earlier than official release in stores, 10% off merchandise from their online store, a limited edition poster and the chance to win a guitar pedal, but you also get access to a year of b-sides, live recordings and videos. I think that’s pretty good value. Especially as you get to listen to the album well before its mid-July release date.

And then there’s the option offered to us Australians (New Zealanders as well but really, who cares about them?). Rather than Beat The World, the album is being released under Etch N Sketch Records. Instead of getting the one nice big package offered to the rest of the world, we get two options: pre-order the CD, and pre-order the download.

Pre-ordering the CD is done through JB HiFi. It’s $18.99, and you still get the year of downloads, but instead of getting the poster, you get an iron-on transfer “to make your own funky Dandys shirt”. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know anyone who’s ever made a good shirt with iron-on transfers, or even used them at all. I got one with The Polyphonic Spree’s The Fragile Army last year, but that’s still sitting in my drawer. Anyway, it’s only available from JB HiFi online.

As for the download, you don’t get it now, oh no. You get it in the first week of June. I really don’t understand why it’s not being offered now, seeing as the download pre-order seems to be being handled on the official website. What is stopping them from selling it now? It seems a little pointless, to be honest. And seeing as it’s separate from the CD offer, I assume that the download will have to be purchased as well.

If the download is around $16, as most album downloads seem to be priced in Australia, that would mean that to get the (available June) download, CD and iron-on transfer, it would work out to about $35. I think that the US option, which is $37 for the (immediate availability) download, CD, poster and store discount, is much better value. 

…Earth To The Dandy Warhols… – available now from www.dandywarhols.com, or in a couple of months from Etch N Sketch.

Lancaster Update

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First off, Lancaster News Headlines:

One man and his new dog

ACCLAIMED Quernmore sheepdog handler Thomas Longton bought a new dog for more than £2,000 at auction on Friday.
Moss, who has picked up a total of 17 awards, was sold for 2,150 guineas by retired Kirkby Lonsdale farm manager Sandy Beaton.

Mr Longton, current president of the International Sheep Dog Society, said: “I have always respected Sandy Beaton both as a trainer and handler.

He has had some really nice dogs in the past, including Lec, who sired my own Tweed, a truly classical dog who became English Nationals drive and brace champion. Moss reminded me of Tweed.”

Moss could go far as Thomas Longton is best known as a former supreme championship winner and One Man and His Dog title holder.

At the annual spring sale of working sheepdogs at Skipton Auction Mart, eight dogs achieved prices of more than 2,000 guineas including two which topped 3,000.


Preparations for the exchange are slowly going ahead. I have my passport, and my applications for uni and government funding have gone in. Those should really come in handy, as flights to/from the UK are not cheap, and I’ll be having to buy my own groceries and stuff while I’m over there. The more money I can get, even if it’s a loan on top of my HECS debt, the easier it will be to get stuff done without worrying about money.

Now all I need to do, really, is book the flights. I should do that within the next few weeks. I’ve already worked out who to fly with (Singapore Airlines), but exactly when to fly out is a harder decision. At least I don’t have to worry about accommodation for the month I’m there before uni starts, though – my uncle wants to show me around all of England, especially the area where my Mum grew up, as well as visiting all the family, so that’s taken care of. I’m just waiting for info about getting a room in one of the Lancaster Uni colleges. All I know about them is that apparently Bowland College is the best (according to mysterycreature).

That’s about it for now, I think. I’d best be getting back to pushing innocent pedestrians down stairs in GTA IV.