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Death Notice

In Uncategorized on April 1, 2008 at 8:17 pm

Mum noticed this in the death notices in today’s Advertiser. Being April 1st, I’m suspicious as to its authenticity, but there’s a notice at the top of the page saying that notices aren’t accepted unless they’re verified with the Funeral Director’s Association or something.

(click the image to read.)

I refuse to believe this person ever existed. Because that name can NOT be serious.

(Apologies if they did… But still, it’s funny.)

Edit: Well, it seems that the signs are pointing to this person actually existing… I don’t know what the fuck. Just google her name.

Good Lord. 😦

  1. Trust you to insult the world’s last living dinosaur when she died. Offensive.

    halfgoon: yeah, well, she should have thought about that before choosing to extend her life to ridiculous extremes, outside the realms of acceptable science.

  2. nice.

    Soon as they bury her, though, there’ll be blokes from the museum around digging her up.

  3. I blame the parents! It’s like your surname being Christmas & calling your daughter Mary…

  4. Hahah, yeah, that has to be a joke. The top notice contains the word “bestest”… argh.

  5. hey,

    just letting you know i tagged you in an 8 things about me thingy…



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