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Mr B & Mr C – The World’s First Pocket Radio

In Uncategorized on March 24, 2008 at 9:31 pm

A musical recommendation, if I may – The World’s First Pocket Radio, by Mr B & Mr C.

It’s available, free of charge, in high quality, DRM free, MP3 audio format, from this web site right here, and it is totally rockin’.

Mr B & Mr C are Sausage Boy of Adelaide, Australia, and Johnny Cashpoint of somewhere, England. Despite never having met before, they’ve created something that’s really quite good.

The musicianship is tight, there are some rather clever and funny lyrics (especially on ‘The Single’ and ‘A Fashion Statement’), and some particularly good drum programming and production – ‘(I Have A) Backpack’ is a personal favourite, with its jerky squelches, hints of acoustic guitar, the content matter, and unique lyrical delivery. In other words, I’ve rarely heard a non-professional web-based band sound this polished.

Definitely have a listen to Mr B & Mr C’s The World’s First Pocket Radio – it’s one of the most entertaining albums I’ve heard in a while, they know how to rock out a bit, and they’re independent to boot!

  1. Our first appearance in the media!

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