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In Uncategorized on March 18, 2008 at 3:30 pm

I’ve gone and bought myself a URL. I’m now the proud owner of http://www.halfgoon.com. If you want, you can just use that instead of the halfgoon.wordpress.com address.

Unfortunately, this has somehow removed the cool little RSS button from the address bar (well, it has for me, anyway), so I’ve added an RSS link to the sidebar. Hit the icon and subscribe to the halfgoon feed!

Also, if anyone could tell me why, even though I’m using the tags, that RSS icon won’t center, I would be most grateful. It’s really bugging me. Send your suggestions via comments on this post, or via email to halfgoon@halfgoon.com. Edit: Thanks to Sausage Boy for giving me the piece of code that fixed it!

Edit: Just another thing: Make sure you type the address in full. At the moment, omitting the ‘www’ will result in a weird error thing. I don’t know why.

  1. nice work. Welcome to the internet revolution.

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