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Regurgitator’s ‘Romance Of The Damned’ – iTunes Single of the Week

In Uncategorized on February 12, 2008 at 1:02 pm

Regurgitator’s ‘Romance of the Damned’, the video of which I posted a while ago, is available for free download from the iTunes Store this week. I definitely recommend downloading it if you don’t already have Love and Paranoia.


  1. Romance of The Damned still counts as a single?

    Didn’t that come out a while ago, or am i thinking of something else?

    halfgoon: the Blood & Spunk single was also a free track of the week on iTunes. That’d be the one you’re thinking of.

  2. I saw them at the BDO, I hadn’t seen them live before.. I’ve seen a dozen other Aussie bands plenty of times but always managed to miss Regurgitator. They rocked, and they played a rock version of Polyester Girl, which was cool. I possibly already told you this.. and it’s not really related to your post.. but yeah..

    halfgoon: I’ve only seen them live twice. Before they went into the Bubble in 2004, and on the Love and Paranoia tour last year. They were awesome both times. I can’t remember if they played Polyester Girl, though.

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