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In Uncategorized on January 26, 2008 at 10:20 pm

I got a MacBook. 

It looks awesome, all black and smooth and a glossy screen. It’s ultra-quiet, and doesn’t seem to mind being carted around the house. No wires! I’ve been downloading and setting up and migrating all night, making it my perfect machine.

Importing my iTunes library was painless – I just hooked up a Firewire cable between it and my iMac, and sent the files through. It even brought over my play count! And getting my Safari bookmarks and NetNewsWire RSS feeds was just a matter of exporting some simple html files and sending them through the network.

It’s taking a bit to get used to the small screen – coming from a 20″ iMac, this 13.3″ business is a little weird, and the keyboard is a little odd, but things seem to be going pretty nicely. This is one cool little machine.

Yes, it’s yet another gadget. But unlike most things I buy, it’s actually going to come in handy! It’s for my upcoming year of uni, and (hopefully) some sort of overseas jaunt.

Oh yeah, because of the promo that Apple’s running at the moment, I’ve got another iPod. That brings my total iPod tally up to 5: 20GB 4th-gen, 2GB 1st-gen nano, 80GB 5th-gen, 16GB touch, and now a 4GB 3rd-gen nano. Awesome!

  1. you must be keeping Apple in business around the Adelaide area.

  2. With all those iPods, you need a few more ears to be able to use them all at ONCE!

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