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Traffic Cone Wizard!

In Uncategorized on October 24, 2007 at 12:02 pm

A THREE-year-old English boy spent three hours with a traffic cone wedged on his head after deciding it would make an excellent Harry Potter wizard hat.

Charlie Thomas was on a family outing near his home in Cullompton, Devon, when he tried on the orange plastic cone.

Unfortunately it wouldn’t come off, even when his mother Louisa and husband Martin tried wiggling it off with soapy water.

In the end they called the fire brigade, who took six men and half an hour to release Charlie using cutting tools and pliers.

Mrs Thomas said Charlie was left with bruises to his head and pride after his attempt to mimic his Hogwarts hero.

“He loves Harry Potter and when he put the cone on he was so pleased with himself, it was very sweet.

“But when we couldn’t get it off it was a bit scary. We shouldn’t have laughed but we had a chuckle – he looked so comical even though he was a bit upset,” she told the Daily Mail.
(from news.com.au)

(courtesy of dailymail.co.uk)

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d have probably done the same thing. Hell, I probably have done the same thing. I challenge anyone to not see a traffic cone and entertain the thought of putting it on their head.

Charlie Thomas, I salute you!

  1. hell, i’m still going around with a traffic cone stuck to my head.

  2. They should have left it on! His parents would have been able to spot him much more easily…

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