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Oh. Seems we need some more information…

Well, Get This has been axed. Given the chop. Booted into the street. Despite its massive listenership (high ratings) and great respect it has garnered in the world of Australian Radio. Meanwhile, Jackie O and that fat arrogant guy have still got jobs, as do Wil and Lehmo. How does this make sense?

It’s obvious that those thugs from the scallop industry have infiltrated Triple M and put their foot down on Get This. This is dizzy stuff, folks, and something must be done.

That image there is a link to a Facebook group dedicated to the Save Get This campaign. There is also a petition at http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/SaveGetThis which has already got over 1,500 signatures since Monday.

Join the fight to save Get This. How come? It’s only the best radio show in existence.

  1. what! what is happening!? I have only just started to listen to Get This!

  2. hey,

    good to see you’ve come on board! we need complaints about this to be at the top of a google search for “austereo” or “triple m”


  3. Only the best radio show in existence except Variety Complex with Daniel Kahn Saturdays 10am – midday on SYN in Melbourne – 90.7 FM or http://www.syn.org.au .

    Okay, fine, Get This is better. Even though I’ve never listened. It should be saved.

  4. Best radio show? What about that Mick R Liff bloke?? 😛
    Just kidding, been listening to the podcasts, what are MMM thinking? Three thumbs down!

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