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Gift Card

In Uncategorized on October 7, 2007 at 6:14 pm

Because the company made massive profits this year, they gave each and every one of us (apart for those who haven’t been here for a year) a $100 gift card. Pretty cool, hey.

They did the same thing last year as well, and I used mine to buy a wireless keyboard. But this year, I went one better – I bought two things.

One of those things was this:

760066 Gs L F

In Bioshock, you run around an underwater city, and occasionally get attacked by junkies who scream gibberish at you. You zap them with lightning out of your hands that came from injecting yourself, then smack them over the head with a wrench and steal their money. I don’t think there’s much more to the game than killing junkies. It’s good fun.

I also bought a tin of these:


There’s forty flavours and every single one is delicious. Except for the buttered popcorn flavour. That one’s vile. According to jellybelly.com, there’s also jalapeno flavour. I hope that’s not in my tin. And if it is, it better not have got in there at the expense of the chocolate pudding flavour. If it has, I will not be happy.

So that’s how I spent my $100. On videogames and jellybeans. Yes, I am a responsible, university educated adult . Why do you ask?

  1. Bioshock is cool. And they aren’t Junkies, they are Splicers. Or Aaelids, if you are playing System Shock (pretty much the same).

    Jelly Belly Jellybeans are awesome, also. Popcorn is a great flavour, and the jalapeno ones can strip the skin from your mouth. Careful!

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