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Mundine: Part 2

In Uncategorized on October 1, 2007 at 5:06 pm

Remember a few months back when Anthony Mundine managed to infect his own eye by washing a contact lens with his mouth? Well, he’s legally blind in his left eye now. But one particular part of the latest report on his status caught my eye.


September 27, 2007
DUAL world champion Anthony Mundine says he is legally blind in his left eye but believes it won’t stop him winning the undisputed world super middleweight crown next year.

“I don’t need two eyes to beat them. I’ll fight with one eye,” Mundine said today.

The 32-year-old WBA champion is making slow progress from a serious eye infection picked up two months ago when he used his tongue to clean a protective contact lens he was wearing after surgery to remove a growth in the eye.

He spent 10 days in hospital and is being treated with daily steroid drops and antibiotics.

“My vision is not great – maybe 40 to 50 per cent – which is pretty much legally blind at the moment,” Mundine said.

“It’s not sore, but there’s still a bit of cloudiness in the eye.”

Mundine, whose last fight was a successful title defence against Argentine Pablo Zamora Nievas on the Gold Coast in June, said he was not certain how much vision he would recover.

His doctor John Males believes he is unlikely to regain his full eyesight.

(from news.com.au)

The contact lens wasn’t just a regular contact lens, worn to correct his vision. It was a special contact lens, worn to protect his eye from infection after an operation! What on earth was he thinking? If you had a bandaid over a cut on your arm, you wouldn’t go rubbing dirt in it! This really does make me wonder about his sanity even more than I was before.

Then again, he is a boxer. I shouldn’t expect too much.

  1. …but is he MORALLY blind??

  2. so he is ‘legally blind’? I think they should tack ‘legally retarded’ to that, as well.

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