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Traffic Cone Wizard!

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A THREE-year-old English boy spent three hours with a traffic cone wedged on his head after deciding it would make an excellent Harry Potter wizard hat.

Charlie Thomas was on a family outing near his home in Cullompton, Devon, when he tried on the orange plastic cone.

Unfortunately it wouldn’t come off, even when his mother Louisa and husband Martin tried wiggling it off with soapy water.

In the end they called the fire brigade, who took six men and half an hour to release Charlie using cutting tools and pliers.

Mrs Thomas said Charlie was left with bruises to his head and pride after his attempt to mimic his Hogwarts hero.

“He loves Harry Potter and when he put the cone on he was so pleased with himself, it was very sweet.

“But when we couldn’t get it off it was a bit scary. We shouldn’t have laughed but we had a chuckle – he looked so comical even though he was a bit upset,” she told the Daily Mail.
(from news.com.au)

(courtesy of dailymail.co.uk)

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d have probably done the same thing. Hell, I probably have done the same thing. I challenge anyone to not see a traffic cone and entertain the thought of putting it on their head.

Charlie Thomas, I salute you!

Newspaper Headlines

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These were the most-viewed stories on the various news.com.au sites today:Good to see you have your priorities straight, Perth! Don’t want none of that pesky politics! Not even the Rudd ear wax vid! It’s all helicopters, ghosts and drunks for you!


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Oh. Seems we need some more information…

Well, Get This has been axed. Given the chop. Booted into the street. Despite its massive listenership (high ratings) and great respect it has garnered in the world of Australian Radio. Meanwhile, Jackie O and that fat arrogant guy have still got jobs, as do Wil and Lehmo. How does this make sense?

It’s obvious that those thugs from the scallop industry have infiltrated Triple M and put their foot down on Get This. This is dizzy stuff, folks, and something must be done.

That image there is a link to a Facebook group dedicated to the Save Get This campaign. There is also a petition at http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/SaveGetThis which has already got over 1,500 signatures since Monday.

Join the fight to save Get This. How come? It’s only the best radio show in existence.

Regurgitator – Blood & Spunk

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Thou shalt not question Regurgitator.

Gift Card

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Because the company made massive profits this year, they gave each and every one of us (apart for those who haven’t been here for a year) a $100 gift card. Pretty cool, hey.

They did the same thing last year as well, and I used mine to buy a wireless keyboard. But this year, I went one better – I bought two things.

One of those things was this:

760066 Gs L F

In Bioshock, you run around an underwater city, and occasionally get attacked by junkies who scream gibberish at you. You zap them with lightning out of your hands that came from injecting yourself, then smack them over the head with a wrench and steal their money. I don’t think there’s much more to the game than killing junkies. It’s good fun.

I also bought a tin of these:


There’s forty flavours and every single one is delicious. Except for the buttered popcorn flavour. That one’s vile. According to jellybelly.com, there’s also jalapeno flavour. I hope that’s not in my tin. And if it is, it better not have got in there at the expense of the chocolate pudding flavour. If it has, I will not be happy.

So that’s how I spent my $100. On videogames and jellybeans. Yes, I am a responsible, university educated adult . Why do you ask?

Mundine: Part 2

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Remember a few months back when Anthony Mundine managed to infect his own eye by washing a contact lens with his mouth? Well, he’s legally blind in his left eye now. But one particular part of the latest report on his status caught my eye.


September 27, 2007
DUAL world champion Anthony Mundine says he is legally blind in his left eye but believes it won’t stop him winning the undisputed world super middleweight crown next year.

“I don’t need two eyes to beat them. I’ll fight with one eye,” Mundine said today.

The 32-year-old WBA champion is making slow progress from a serious eye infection picked up two months ago when he used his tongue to clean a protective contact lens he was wearing after surgery to remove a growth in the eye.

He spent 10 days in hospital and is being treated with daily steroid drops and antibiotics.

“My vision is not great – maybe 40 to 50 per cent – which is pretty much legally blind at the moment,” Mundine said.

“It’s not sore, but there’s still a bit of cloudiness in the eye.”

Mundine, whose last fight was a successful title defence against Argentine Pablo Zamora Nievas on the Gold Coast in June, said he was not certain how much vision he would recover.

His doctor John Males believes he is unlikely to regain his full eyesight.

(from news.com.au)

The contact lens wasn’t just a regular contact lens, worn to correct his vision. It was a special contact lens, worn to protect his eye from infection after an operation! What on earth was he thinking? If you had a bandaid over a cut on your arm, you wouldn’t go rubbing dirt in it! This really does make me wonder about his sanity even more than I was before.

Then again, he is a boxer. I shouldn’t expect too much.