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In Uncategorized on September 16, 2007 at 10:00 pm

Today at work, I made an art!

I made an art!

I Found This In A Box.
Styrofoam on Concrete.

It symbolises the precarious nature of our synthetic, pre-packaged, consumerist culture. It’s so full of holes that it should tip over, but instead, it’s propped up by remnants of outdated nineteenth century empires, crushing the freedom of the working classes, the poor, the starving, and the needy.

My talents are wasted at work. I should be selling arts!

  1. nice work. It reminds me of the sculpture that was proposed to go on the cover of the Rolling Stones album Road To Babylon.

    You forgot to mention, though, that it is made from materials that are light and useful, but alre also dangerously harmful to the environment. This would symbolise societies driven need to appear forfilled, at the expense of the health of the world around us.

    halfgoon: You are an artist too! Where are your arts?

  2. does it not also say on the whiteboard that all is ‘to be packed up within 7 days’?

    and ‘check paperwork’. bureaucratese over human life.

    this is a most powerful meditation on the ephemeral nature of postmodern life.

    i can also see a future for you in arts.

  3. Rachael Whiteread would be proud of you!

  4. Haha, it’s… different…

  5. Dude, that’s actually pretty awesome. I’m impressed.

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