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September 11: Not referenced in this blog update.

In Uncategorized on September 11, 2007 at 11:22 pm

Wow. I haven’t updated this thing since the 23rd of August! This is what happens when you start focusing on university instead of silly stuff.

I guess the major piece of news is that new iPods were released last week. And what an awesome bunch of iPods they are. The iPod nano is now a funny squat little thing, but is ultra-cute and plays video. And the new iPod classic is now available in 80GB and 160GB models, and white is no longer an option. I’m amazed that the 160GB version is now thinner than my 80GB iPod from last year, and also costs less than mine did. Weird.

But most important is the new iPod touch:

iPod touch
(image courtesy of apple.com)

How awesome is that?! It’s just like the iPhone, except it doesn’t have a phone. I’m more interested in the fact that it’s a touch-screen iPod with coverflow and other cool things. It also has wifi internet, and access to the new wifi iTunes Music Store. I think this could really come in handy.

So yeah, I blew $549 on that. The 16GB model. It ships on September 28, but probably won’t arrive until the 3rd of October at least, as there is a weekend and what looks to be a public holiday in the way.

What else is new? Hrm. I’ve been buying videos on iTunes this week. I got some old Beck videos, and an old Spiderbait video, and the new Polyphonic Spree. That one isn’t really a video at all, as it was completely shot with still photographs that were stuck together afterwards. It’s pretty good. Also, I’m getting quite excited that the new Regurgitator album, Love and Paranoia is released on Saturday. It will be a good day.

Uni’s been annoying lately. They seems to be wanting me to start writing essays and things again. How is it already essay writing time? I thought I’d only just finished that a couple of weeks ago! The passage of time is scary. However, the passage of time also brings the end of uni for another year. Now, that I’m looking forward to.

Oh yeah, we had a car crash last week! Some guy in a four-wheel drive hit us as we were going past a t-junction, and bust in the side front panel, as well as the passenger side doors. I was in the passenger seat (not driving, obviously). I was fine, but only realised afterwards that had we been a split-second later, he’d probably have gone right into the door. Scary. But he didn’t and everyone was ok. The car wasn’t, though. It’s still at the crash repairers and we’re waiting for confirmation as to whether it can be fixed or whether it’s a write-off.

Poor old car. It’s a 1999 model Holden Vectra, and it’s getting a little battered. For the last year it’s had a habit of conking out (the engine just stops), especially while waiting at traffic lights or (my favourite) going around corners. It’s like a roller-coaster. And mechanics can’t seem to work out what’s wrong with it. So it’s never fixed. The shock absorbers in the rear may also be gone. We can’t be too sure of that, though.

I think that is all for now. Things are pretty uneventful around here. There most certainly haven’t been any blood-vomiting chickens around these parts.

  1. the new ipods are looking pretty sweet. I dunno if i could blow $500 on one, but mores the power to you if you can afford it.

    The only crash i have been in was on an intersection too. Some old lady drove straight through give way and right in front of us. The bonet of the car crumpled up like an accordian.

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