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Anthony Mundine Blind in Left Eye

In Uncategorized on August 7, 2007 at 11:57 pm

According to foxsports.com.au, champion Australian boxer Anthony Mundine has lost vision in his left eye due to an infection. How did he get this infection?

“Mundine picked up the infection in New Zealand last week, apparently after cleaning a contact lens with his mouth.”

Now, I realise that boxers aren’t exactly the smartest dudes in the world, but surely, surely, common-sense tells you that the best way to clean a contact lens is not popping it in your mouth. We’ve all heard that the mouth is the most unhygienic part of the body, carrying more germs than the average toilet seat. It is not for cleaning things. Especially not things you then put in your eyes.

  1. I suppose we can be thankful he didn’t decide the best way to clean it was by wiping it on his backside.

    Someone really needs to set up some kind of a database, so when someone in the public eye like this does something retarded, you just put your name down as acknowledging its retardness and can move on.

    halfgoon: are you saying this is not a database of retardness?

  2. The way I see it, no, you shouldn’t clean your contact lenses like that.. but does the *average* person really lose sight in their eye by doing something like that??… I wonder what he’s been putting in his mouth :S

    halfgoon: He is a boxer. It could have been anything. Gross.

  3. My mate at school used to clean hers by putting them on the desk & spitting on them! Seriously! They were the old fashioned ‘hard’ ones: it looked like she was putting a glass saucer in each eye.

  4. I saw normal people around me doing thousands small cleaning stuffs with the saliva from their mouth, be it styling their hairs, wiping out dirt on their faces and clothes, counting the money etc…You can see they doing this practice on some movies or TV as well.
    That perpetuates the wrong assumption that the mouth and saliva is clean enough if You brushed your teeth twice daily and does not have bad breath etc…

    halfgoon: Yup! There’s all sorts of little dudes in that saliva who want to drill your eyes out. Don’t do it, kids!

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