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Seven Legs of Lamb!

In Uncategorized on August 2, 2007 at 9:36 pm

(from news.com.au)

    Lamb born with seven legs


    A LAMB born with seven legs in New Zealand is likely to have to be destroyed, a vet says.

    The lamb has two extra legs that hang useless behind the forelegs and three hind legs, one with two hoofs.

    It walks using its two forelegs and three hind legs, the local Ashburton Guardian newspaper said.

    Veterinarian Steve Williams at the Canterbury Vets clinic in the rural town of Methven said he believed he believed an error during embryo formation, which happens once in several million sheep, resulted in the extra limbs, AP reported.

    The lamb was also hermaphrodite, meaning it has male and female sexual characteristics.

    Some of the animal’s bowel was also missing so it has been unable to pass faeces and would have to be destroyed.

    The six-day-old lamb was born last Friday on the farm of Dave and Di Callaghan.

    Mr Callaghan said he had found seven-legged creature, born with a normal twin, walking round in the paddock with its mother.

    “I have never seen anything like that,” he said according to AP.

Poor lamb. But if they were all real legs, I bet he could do some pretty cool stuff with them. The rear three can be walked on, which would free up the other four for playing around. I’m sure sheep have more of an idea of what they can do with their legs than I do.

I’d like to think that the lamb’s mother was bitten by a radioactive (NZ is nuclear free!) infected spider, passing its mutant genes to the unborn fetus. This lamb has great powers. It has great responsibility.

Pity it’s all clogged up. You can’t fight crime on a full bowel!

  1. “Spider-lamb, Spider-lamb, does whatever a spider can…”

  2. So the tradeoff for extra limbs is no bowel?

    Good to know.

  3. “I’d give my right leg (upper) for a decent bowel”

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