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Picky about Food

In Uncategorized on July 23, 2007 at 9:34 pm

I think I’m getting more and more picky about food as I’m getting older.

I’ve decided I’m no fan of ham. Small amounts I can stand, but if, say, there’s more than one layer of ham in a foccacia, I just can’t eat it. The thought of a mouthful of ham horrifies me. It’s the same with pizza. A slice of pizza needs to have more of everything else than ham. If the ham outnumbers the other toppings, it’s revolting.

Also, lamb. In small pieces, lamb is wonderful. Especially if there’s couscous and grilled capsicum slices involved. But if that lamb is on the bone, I can’t go near it. I thikn it’s the insane amounts of grease that are often involved with lamb chops that’s sickened me.

This brings me to tonight’s dinner – some sort of cross between ham and chops. It wasn’t pork – it had some name like kassala ham. I forget what it was, exactly. It was like eating a massive lump of warm salty ham. Horrible. A year ago I probably would have liked it. But as soon as I saw what we were having, my stomach nearly turned :(.

I hope I don’t start disliking other meats. That will make me quite unhapp indeed.

  1. i’m not a big fan of eating meat off the bone, though I love a good bit of ham. Or fritz. Or salami.

    Oddly, I have gotten less fussy as I have gotten older. I used to loathe eating chicken and eggs (odd, I know. I must have just had something against chickens), but now, in small doses, I’ll eat it.

    Especially KFC Popcorn Chicken. The addatives make me hyper!

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