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Grumble grumble UPRISE!

In Uncategorized on July 5, 2007 at 11:53 pm

Yes! My plan is working! By putting a hyperlink to my blog in my forum signatures, I’m drawing in the crowds! Apparently some people do not like this. They’ve left hateful comments. And I’ve subsequently deleted them, as this is a dictatorship. What I say goes, and naysayers get the chop. Haha! They think I should stop. They say it’s my fault they’re clicking on the links. I take no responsibility for their actions. I’m not telling them to click it. But then they do, and get angry! Some people don’t like the fact that people write blogs for their own personal enjoyment. They fear people writing for their own benefit. They think it’s evil and should be banished. But they won’t stop us! Oh no! One day, Livejournal and WordPress will rule the internet, every person having control of their own little plot of webspace, miniature digital fiefdoms in which they control the lives of others who enter. They’ll all be interconnected, globalised, with partnerships and alliances and enemies and factions. Myspace will be the Antarctic, or maybe Siberia – I haven’t decided yet. Undesirables will be sent there to die. Bloggers rise against the hate! Woo!

  1. Like your site very muchly Hlaf Gnoo, why not try mine?? 😛

  2. perhaps there isn’t enough pronz?

    i bet they are all just jealous that they never thought of having a blog where they post pictures of quarantine checked sherbert and make comments on the wildlife outside their window.

  3. Can’t beat a true story!!

  4. Well I think your blog is just tops! And updated infrequently enough that I can come here sporadically, and still see the last post I read somewhere near the bottom of the page. Maybe. Sort of.

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