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My Birthday

In Uncategorized on June 22, 2007 at 12:38 am

It was my birthday on Saturday. It’s taken me this long to write about it because I haven’t really thought about doing so until now.

It wasn’t very eventful. I got up around 9ish, had breakfast, then the family gave me presents. I got an Xbox 360 and a couple of games, a DVD of The Office (US): Season 2, and two books.

The Xbox is awesome. The HDD is fucked, but I sent it away on Monday and a new one should get here sometime next week. Still, I can can play games without the HDD, so I’m happy. Dead Rising is great. Basically, you’re a photographer in a shopping mall that’s infested with zombies. You kill the zombies. Lots of zombies. Brilliant. I also got Dead or Alive 4 and Gears of War. They too, are fun.

I’m about three episodes from watching all of The Office. I really do love that show. I reckon it’s better than the UK version.

As for the books, I’m about halfway through The Worst Case Scenario Almanac: History. It’s about history. I love history. But I’ve put it on hold until I’m done reading this other book about the history of civilisation that I’ve been reading for the last few weeks. And then I’ll read The Naked Man Festival by Brian Thacker. It’s a travelogue. Honest.

We went out for dinner to 1918, which is a bit of a classy restaurant in Tanunda, in the Barossa Valley. They’ve done excellent food the last few times we’ve been there, and they didn’t disappoint this time. For entree, I had corn fritters in an asian salad. The fritters were incredibly crispy on the outside, but incredibly soft on the inside. They were great. And the asian salad was all peanuts and chilli and green leafy things. Wonderful. My main course was a piece of fantastically cooked steak, medium rare, served on a bed of sauteed mushrooms. It had this crispy waffley thing on top, sort of the same consistency as a prawn cracker. I didn’t know what it was (and still don’t) but it was quite tasty. And on top of the crispy thing was a ball of mashed potato, quickly fried so it had a sort of shell on it. That was also tasty. I didn’t have any dessert, because the steak was massive, but my dad and brother both had desserts, and they looked pretty awesome. I just had a coffee. I also had a frangelico, because I recognised the monk-shaped bottle. Unfortunately I was in the bathroom when it was served, and when I got back the ice had sort of diluted it. Still tasted good though. It tastes of almond.

All up, a good birthday. I didn’t want anything much more than a family dinner, because I hate the attention (and parties in general). 21 doesn’t really have all the significance it used to, anyway. I also liked how my birthday finally fell on a Saturday, and also how I didn’t have any study to do. Last year, I had an essay due on my birthday, and an exam a few days later. I also had exams to worry about in 2003/2004. In 2005, I spent my birthday by myself because nobody was home until the evening. So having everything finished for the semester, and the family at home, was good.


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