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In Uncategorized on June 13, 2007 at 9:14 pm

I’ve finally done it! I’ve managed to have the evil that is the PC banished from this house.

After eighteen months of showing the family the enlightenment that comes from the Mac, Dad finally bought a brand-spanking new 20″ iMac Core 2 Duo this morning (Got it for a steal too, thanks to a printing fuck-up, but that’s another story). That is what I’m typing this entry on right now.

My God, it’s quick. When I say jump, apps jump. Must be the processor and the 1gb of RAM, I guess. 🙂

I’m waiting for it to update a bunch of stuff at the moment. I’ll wait until the weekend to update to 10.4.9, but smaller things like iTunes are getting up to speed now.

This is the first time the family’s got a new computer for roughly 10 years. We’d been on a junky old thing running Windows 95 until the end of 2004, and Windows 2000 until last week, when it was grabbed by the neck by a porno-tiger and crippled. The machine that lived until last week was slightly better than the Windows 95 one, but only marginally. I think the difference was merely a blood transfusion. Oh, and since the great crash of Christmas 2005, I think it had been running on a 3rd-hand heart and some dodgy lungs. It sure did wheeze.

But that machine has been laid to rest. Well, it will be once I rescue my hard-drive from its bowels. Damn thing’s been in there for years now.


You hulking pile of shit.

  1. Long live the PC!


  2. YAY! no more stupid pc’s for you i’m so happy for you altough i don’t know you lol, I got a MacBook Pro coming for college 😀

  3. Hey dude,
    Just letting you know, I’m starting a new project under my LJ – A song a day
    Thought you might be interested…

    Long live the Mac


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