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Camera Phone

In Uncategorized on May 14, 2007 at 9:39 pm

My new phone has a camera. So did my old phone, but this one’s different – it’s actually good, and because the phone has bluetooth, I can now do something with any photos I take!

This is my first attempt at camera-phoning:

[Click for biggening]

It’s the apartments above the old John Martin’s carpark on North Terrace. I know it’s not stunning, but for a first attempt at using this thing, I’m pleased. Also, I’ve never seen those big grey things that go up the building. I think they’ve been put up to make it all look like it’s meant to go together, and it’s not just a modern apartment block built on top of a 1960s car park.

  1. Cameraphones make everything look aesthetically delightful… isn’t it amazing what they can do these days?

  2. w0w!!?!
    amazng p1ctur3z!!!
    u do up5k1rt, 2???!?!!!

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