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I Fail At Learning.

In Uncategorized on April 15, 2007 at 12:18 am

I could have got so much more work done this week. I had an essay due on Friday, the topic being ‘The US is a threat to peace and stability in internetional relations’. Of course, I argued against this statement, because I am sick of the continual America-bashing that everyone seems to be enjoying lately.

So I had the research done and printed by Sunday, giving me five days to write fifteen hundred words. Or maybe even four days to write, and then use Friday to clean it up. Well, Monday rolled around, and I didn’t do a single thing. I just wandered the Something Awful forums all day. I reasoned this incredible laziness with “If I write five hundred words on Tuesday, another five hundred on Wednesday, and the final five hundred on Thursday, I can then type everything up and finish the introduction and conclusion on Friday!”

So, Tuesday morning, I got up at a reasonable time (quarter past eight – the time that the sun punches my face through the curtain), had breakfast, and got to work. It was about one o’clock when I had the allotted four hundred and thirty three words finished for that particular section of the essay. They were duly typed up by two. I still had until five to continue on with the essay, and get ahead of my timeframe. But I didn’t! I got straight back onto Something Awful.

Wednesday! Today, I was going to rectify the previous afternoon’s wasted time. Agan, I got up early, had breakfast, and got to work. After a short detour to the internet. I got going on the second section, but I couldn’t take my mind off of the little flood of visitors I was getting thanks to the “kind” words of someone on Something Awful. So I went back to the internet for a bit. Then I had lunch. All up, Wednesday resulted in roughly two hundred words being written. The rest of the day involved more internet and Monty Python DVDs.

On Thursday, with one day to go until I had to hand the essay in, I went to Uni. But instead of actually going to Uni, I caught the bus into Norwood and had breakfast in a cafe, then hopped on another bus (the one to Norwood selfishly not waiting for me to finish my coffee and toast) to Adelaide. I went straight to the State Library, found a seat, watched window cleaners on a nearby building for a bit, then got writing. The time at that stage was ten o’clock AM. By one o’clock, the essay (sans introduction and conclusion) was finished. On Friday morning, I went to Uni, and had it handed up by midday.

After all that faffing around, I could easily have had the essay done by Wednesday at the very least. But I still insist on spreading the workload out so instead of beating the deadline, I only just make it. I berate myself for this every time, but then I go and do it again.

I fail at learning.

  1. Ah, I know the feeling. Far too well.

  2. I’ve done nothing over this teaching break, and I have a whole list of things to do. I keep getting distracted though, and I’m just lazy.

  3. No no no you win! Mainly because of the link to my radio page, but still. You win!!

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