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Hutchence = Bono

In Uncategorized on April 7, 2007 at 2:31 pm


I saw this pic of Michael Hutchence on news.com.au a few weeks ago. He looks just like Bono with a bad wig.

Thought I’d just point that out.

  1. Lol seriously. That’s pretty weird.

  2. maybe Hutchence actually WAS Bono in a bad wig?? Did you ever see Bono and Hutchence in the same room, at the same time??

    Hutchence isn’t dead, Bono just gave up the character.

  3. You may be right. When did U2 start becoming the world’s biggest band again? around 1999/2000ish? Once he had more time to focus on music and African kids? It’s all starting to fit together! Nice idea, SB.

  4. you all gotta be TOTALLY outta your mind to even dare thinking Bono and Michael Hutchence are one and the same person…. who the hell has the time and thought for such an absurd theatre?! wigs?!… Ridiculous. Gee, let Michael beloved rest in peace and let Bono keep doing his music.

  5. Actually, no. I stand by the theory that Bono is Michael Hutchence.

  6. Yup, right. live under delusion then. i’m not gonna argue on sucha ridiculous topic
    Just take the time to face some facts and you may accidentally discover that your theory is complete crap.

  7. Ye, I am totally serious about Michael Hutchence and Bono being the same person. I think the theory holds. I have not seen any evidence to prove otherwise, therefore it is completely sound.

  8. Well, if this “sound theory” puts sense and meaning 2 ur life, you’re fuckin’ free to think whatever you want, right?

    To me your theory only depreciates Michael Hutchence’s works, as well as Bono’s. Why instead of enjoying the fine music they did and are doing still, people always have to take it down to some conspiracy and stuff.

  9. So if they’re both great people (or one even greater person splitting his talents), surely that is a compliment to both that they are being likened to the other?

  10. ONE great man does NOT need to split his talents into 2,3…100 or so. What more he’d gain anyway, twice as much fame? fuckin fame kills, what’s a steady theory, not Bono being multiple-faced.

  11. Well clearly he did alright out of splitting into two people. Who wouldn’t want a couple of multi-platinum selling bands? He could act out his multiple personalities without worrying about being perceived as fake in either of them. Maybe he’s being someone else as well! He killed off the Hutchence character to make way for a new one! I think I might have to look into this… Who else might Bono/Hutchence be?

  12. LMAO!

    why don’t you find another way to entertain yourself? im done here, the more i say, the more crap you flood me with. it’s funny tho … bahahaha

  13. I’m starting to think that you’re Bono. You’re awfully protective of his image. You don’t happen to be wearing a pair of ridiculous sunglasses right now, do you?

    In that case, you’re also Michael Hutchence. And possibly even Bob Geldof. Who knows?!

  14. i am god almighty and i wear right now a pair of fools-proof sunglasses lol

    im not overprotective, im just sane, unlike you

  15. Mm, yes, the sanest of the sane insist on defending self-righteous and dead popstars on a backwoods blog.

  16. yup that’s cuz im sane and cuz you really bashed me down with ur amusingly absurd statements. dont you think it’s all a u.s.government secret and some sorta milirary plan, huh? i think so….
    lol hahhaahha

  17. As far as I can tell, no, Michael Hutchence had nothing to do with the US government. As for Bono, well, he has a friend called ‘The Edge’, so he must be hiding something.

    Do you not have anything better to do than leave comments on a blog? I’m intrigued as to what you’re doing.

  18. sadly, i have much better things to do. & you do not. i see you’ve got plenty of free time to preoccupy your mind with conspiracy scenarios and absurd talk on that same “backwoods blog”

    i suggest you deal with ur maniac imagination and make a movie on that topic

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