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In Uncategorized on April 1, 2007 at 7:38 pm

While at work Friday night, I was flipping through our latest catalogue when I found this:
All four seasons of Monty Python’s Flying Circus! Hurrah! I’ve been waiting for a local release of this for years, and then it just slips out without me noticing. Until I did.

So I rang the Music & DVD department to see if we had any copies left (It’s on sale, and I thought there might have been a rush for it). Turned out that we only had one copy that had been a customer order, but they’d cancelled. So I snapped it right up. I was not letting this slip by me. Oh no!

Oh no indeed. As it was on sale, and I got store discount, it ended up costing me about $90. I thought that was reasonable, but the parents didn’t. Not their money. Why should they care? (I think they’re just jealous that I got it and they didn’t. Hmph.)

I’ve also purchased Tones Of Town by Field Music, and Silverchair’s new album Young Modern. But I’ll get around to talking about them over in GoonTUNES.

We went to see Ross Noble last night. He was excellent. I’d recommend you go see it if it weren’t his last night and you weren’t so likely to not be in Adelaide. If you’re in Melbourne, go see him. I think he’s going there. Anyway, he was seriously good, absolutely crazy and funny and awesome, and well worth whatever price we paid to see him.


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