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In Uncategorized on February 27, 2007 at 2:49 pm

Uni started yesterday. It’s quite odd being back after three months off.

My timetable for the semester isn’t bad at all. I have four hours of lectures on Monday, three hours (lecture and tutorial) on Tuesday, another tutorial on Wednesday, and nothing on Thursday and Friday. However, I also have an ‘external’ subject, which is conducted online. I’ve no idea how it will work, and am quite worried about my ability to stay focused when online. That’s something I’ll have to improve this year – focus.

(Yes, I do appreciate the fact that I’m contemplating focusing on Uni, while I’m writing a blog at Uni. Sue me.)

Yesterday’s lecture (Globalisation and Regionalism) made me laugh because of all that I’ve learnt from Hannah over the past week (See last journal entry). Turns out that ‘getting the gay’ isn’t an effect of globalisation!

Though all this globalisation stuff is quite interesting, I just hope that the tutorials won’t turn into ‘Globalisation causes inequality… Globalisation exploits the workers… Globalisation only helps big business… Globalisation’s evil…’ sessions. That sort of crap just annoys me, because, quite frankly, everything that the anti-globalisationists at Uni wear and use and eat and read is a product of globalisation! That sort of hypocracy really gets me. Sure, hold that opinion if you really believe it, but don’t spout that shit while wearing your US-branded, Chinese-made, Australian-bought jeans.

And so starts another year of Uni… With fear and annoyance. Way to go!


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