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Oh, and another thing…

In Uncategorized on February 27, 2007 at 2:58 pm

My room’s almost finished. Plans were set back when Ikea didn’t have some of the stuff on our first visit, but that was rectified this weekend. In addition to the TV table, I now have a bedside table and two tall CD shelves. Still to be put up are the bookshelves. As the holes to mount them on the wall aren’t in line with the wall-studs, we have to modify them a bit, so that’s why it’s taken this long to get to them. Hopefully they’ll be completed by this weekend. Another CD shelf is also needed, as about half of my DVD collection doesn’t fit, and I only have enough room at the moment for another thirty CDs! I need more than one year’s worth of CD space! The addition of a third shelf will also create a pleasing ‘Wall of CDs’ effect, so that’s another reason to get it.

As I’ve never seen my blog on something other than my Mac, I’ve only today been alerted to the fact that it all looks a bit funny on Windows. The text is strangely narrow and jagged. Sorry about that! I don’t really know how to change that, except for bolding everything, but that won’t really solve anything. Oh well. I’ll find some way of fixing that (maybe).

  1. i’ve always read your blog on a windows platform, and it has always looked fine.

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