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Changing Room (Part Two)

In Uncategorized on February 11, 2007 at 6:01 pm

OK, I’m back in my room. Paint has dried and furniture has been moved back in. Some is temporary – merely placeholders for the new furniture coming – but it’s looking pretty awesome, despite this. More important of course, is the new paint!

Just to recap, here is the previous colour:

Old colour

And here is the new colour! (Note: This is the same corner of the room.)

New colour

More pics (Maybe even taken with a camera!) once the furniture is bought, assembled, and installed.

  1. my sisters wall is that ‘Fizzy’ colour, i think. Its a fairly bright green, anyway.

    No mention has every been made of your cow-hide curtains, though!

  2. Yeah! You doyen of upbeat style, you.

    On another note, I manually typed in your URL for this visit and stuffed it up. Apparently there’s no halfgood.wordpress.com.

  3. Sausage Boy – The cowhide curtains are never to be spoken of again.

    Kahn – halfgood.wordpress.com doesn’t exist because people might accidentally type halfgoon, and nobody wants that. Never.

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