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Changing Room

In Uncategorized on February 10, 2007 at 9:42 pm

I’m in the dining room at the moment, because my room is full of wet paint and horrible paint fumes. Horrible fumes, that is. Not paint. The paint is awesome. If I was to tell you the colour, it would mean nothing to you. The colour is called ‘Fizzy’. See? That doesn’t describe, in any detail whatsoever, how it looks. Only that it may contain some sort of carbonated beverage.

‘Fizzy’ is actually a sort of bright limey green. That’s the only way I can describe it. I’d take a photo, but I don’t have the camera on hand. I’ll post photos once the room’s completed.

But just to show you how it looked before, here’s a shot I took a while ago on my webcam (that explains its ordinariness)

the corner wall

Wow. That’s seriously old. For a start, the ends of the shelves near the TISM poster were full of CD racks before I moved everything out, and there were more piles of books up on the very top shelf. Those CDs in the corner went into the wardrobe months ago as well. More books went in there, and more recently, DVDs. The iPod box became obscured by a newer iPod box, and the one on top of it went to my brother. Plus, the pinup board lost the Tomb Raider things, the 2 year old iPod receipt (dated December 7, 2004) and gained a Saboteurs poster.

Anyway, this doesn’t really matter, because that entire wall is now empty. The shelves aren’t going back up, either, because I was sick of the clunky blackness of them, some (especially the ones located right above my head were warped and wobbly (the problem with pine) and anyway, seeing as I’m getting new shelves especially for my CDs and DVDs, I don’t particularly need so many shelves. The CD shelves I’m talking about are called Benno, and are tall, thin shelves, about 2m tall. I’m going to get a couple in red. That’s space for, what, 360 CDs. But also DVDs. They look pretty awesome.

So I still have somewhere to put my books, I need more shelves. IKEA comes to the rescue again with shelves that have hidden mountings, so they jut out from the wall in cool minimalist fashion. Fairly simple shelves that do exactly what they have to. I’m looking at getting a new TV cabinet/table thing as well – one that can hold the TV, digital box and DVD recorder, as well as my stereo system, so as to free up more space on the desk for more computer/uni things. And of course, a bedside table as well.

This is a pretty major overhaul, come to think of it. A whole new colour, new furniture, new layout. Pretty exciting!

All of this also means that I can go through my wardrobe and clear out all the junk that’s accumulated over the years. This includes board games, a bean bag, school work from years ten, eleven and twelve, and a snorkel. I don’t even remember going snorkeling, let alone owning one!

The only problem with all of this is that I have to sleep in the loungeroom tonight. We’ve moved my bed in here, so that’s alright, it’s just that I have to wait for everyone to go to bed before I can, and I’ll most probably be woken up early in the morning when Dad gets up to eat breakfast/listen to country music/shoot things. Oh well. It’s only for one night. At least I have my computer.

Yeah. That’s about it for this week. Nothing much has been interesting enough to bother firing up the old blog and writing about it. It’s just been work and sleeping. It seems that I’ll be in checking & marking more often now, though. This means that I’ll be going through boxes of stock, making sure that everything’s there that should be, and anything that isn’t supposed to be there is dealt with. As I’ll be opening boxes all day, this also means that there’ll be more chance of me lopping off a finger or something. Good times a’comin’!

‘Til next time… Cheery bye!


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