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Search Results

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OK, first up, here’s a shot from my WordPress admin page, showing searches that have resulted in visitors to my blog:


I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

Tomorrow I shall spend the day eating sugar for the purpose of entertaining you! Don’t forget to check back in tomorrow evening (or night) as I bring you… SUGAR HEADACHES ARE FUN!

(Title subject to change.)

Oh, and another thing…

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My room’s almost finished. Plans were set back when Ikea didn’t have some of the stuff on our first visit, but that was rectified this weekend. In addition to the TV table, I now have a bedside table and two tall CD shelves. Still to be put up are the bookshelves. As the holes to mount them on the wall aren’t in line with the wall-studs, we have to modify them a bit, so that’s why it’s taken this long to get to them. Hopefully they’ll be completed by this weekend. Another CD shelf is also needed, as about half of my DVD collection doesn’t fit, and I only have enough room at the moment for another thirty CDs! I need more than one year’s worth of CD space! The addition of a third shelf will also create a pleasing ‘Wall of CDs’ effect, so that’s another reason to get it.

As I’ve never seen my blog on something other than my Mac, I’ve only today been alerted to the fact that it all looks a bit funny on Windows. The text is strangely narrow and jagged. Sorry about that! I don’t really know how to change that, except for bolding everything, but that won’t really solve anything. Oh well. I’ll find some way of fixing that (maybe).


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Uni started yesterday. It’s quite odd being back after three months off.

My timetable for the semester isn’t bad at all. I have four hours of lectures on Monday, three hours (lecture and tutorial) on Tuesday, another tutorial on Wednesday, and nothing on Thursday and Friday. However, I also have an ‘external’ subject, which is conducted online. I’ve no idea how it will work, and am quite worried about my ability to stay focused when online. That’s something I’ll have to improve this year – focus.

(Yes, I do appreciate the fact that I’m contemplating focusing on Uni, while I’m writing a blog at Uni. Sue me.)

Yesterday’s lecture (Globalisation and Regionalism) made me laugh because of all that I’ve learnt from Hannah over the past week (See last journal entry). Turns out that ‘getting the gay’ isn’t an effect of globalisation!

Though all this globalisation stuff is quite interesting, I just hope that the tutorials won’t turn into ‘Globalisation causes inequality… Globalisation exploits the workers… Globalisation only helps big business… Globalisation’s evil…’ sessions. That sort of crap just annoys me, because, quite frankly, everything that the anti-globalisationists at Uni wear and use and eat and read is a product of globalisation! That sort of hypocracy really gets me. Sure, hold that opinion if you really believe it, but don’t spout that shit while wearing your US-branded, Chinese-made, Australian-bought jeans.

And so starts another year of Uni… With fear and annoyance. Way to go!

How to “Totally win at life” according to Hannah

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This is possibly the funniest thing I have ever read (on the Internet at least).

It’s a story by a 17 year old girl in Sydney, who, though apparently smart, is such an incredible nutcase that she often has trouble spelling the word ‘I’.

This is just a small sample of her work:

Shanty alwayz went to skool she dreamt of graduating and becoming a tikker. I woz not sure if she would work with little children as she loved bakon so much but she told me that if she gave them maraguana and coocane they would be eazy peezy. I luved Shanty she woz alwayz thinkin ahead of everyone else.

Click here for the entire thread (on forums.somethingawful.com). Make sure you listen to the audio as well. It will make you lose all faith in humanity.

Changing Room (Part Two)

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OK, I’m back in my room. Paint has dried and furniture has been moved back in. Some is temporary – merely placeholders for the new furniture coming – but it’s looking pretty awesome, despite this. More important of course, is the new paint!

Just to recap, here is the previous colour:

Old colour

And here is the new colour! (Note: This is the same corner of the room.)

New colour

More pics (Maybe even taken with a camera!) once the furniture is bought, assembled, and installed.

Changing Room

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I’m in the dining room at the moment, because my room is full of wet paint and horrible paint fumes. Horrible fumes, that is. Not paint. The paint is awesome. If I was to tell you the colour, it would mean nothing to you. The colour is called ‘Fizzy’. See? That doesn’t describe, in any detail whatsoever, how it looks. Only that it may contain some sort of carbonated beverage.

‘Fizzy’ is actually a sort of bright limey green. That’s the only way I can describe it. I’d take a photo, but I don’t have the camera on hand. I’ll post photos once the room’s completed.

But just to show you how it looked before, here’s a shot I took a while ago on my webcam (that explains its ordinariness)

the corner wall

Wow. That’s seriously old. For a start, the ends of the shelves near the TISM poster were full of CD racks before I moved everything out, and there were more piles of books up on the very top shelf. Those CDs in the corner went into the wardrobe months ago as well. More books went in there, and more recently, DVDs. The iPod box became obscured by a newer iPod box, and the one on top of it went to my brother. Plus, the pinup board lost the Tomb Raider things, the 2 year old iPod receipt (dated December 7, 2004) and gained a Saboteurs poster.

Anyway, this doesn’t really matter, because that entire wall is now empty. The shelves aren’t going back up, either, because I was sick of the clunky blackness of them, some (especially the ones located right above my head were warped and wobbly (the problem with pine) and anyway, seeing as I’m getting new shelves especially for my CDs and DVDs, I don’t particularly need so many shelves. The CD shelves I’m talking about are called Benno, and are tall, thin shelves, about 2m tall. I’m going to get a couple in red. That’s space for, what, 360 CDs. But also DVDs. They look pretty awesome.

So I still have somewhere to put my books, I need more shelves. IKEA comes to the rescue again with shelves that have hidden mountings, so they jut out from the wall in cool minimalist fashion. Fairly simple shelves that do exactly what they have to. I’m looking at getting a new TV cabinet/table thing as well – one that can hold the TV, digital box and DVD recorder, as well as my stereo system, so as to free up more space on the desk for more computer/uni things. And of course, a bedside table as well.

This is a pretty major overhaul, come to think of it. A whole new colour, new furniture, new layout. Pretty exciting!

All of this also means that I can go through my wardrobe and clear out all the junk that’s accumulated over the years. This includes board games, a bean bag, school work from years ten, eleven and twelve, and a snorkel. I don’t even remember going snorkeling, let alone owning one!

The only problem with all of this is that I have to sleep in the loungeroom tonight. We’ve moved my bed in here, so that’s alright, it’s just that I have to wait for everyone to go to bed before I can, and I’ll most probably be woken up early in the morning when Dad gets up to eat breakfast/listen to country music/shoot things. Oh well. It’s only for one night. At least I have my computer.

Yeah. That’s about it for this week. Nothing much has been interesting enough to bother firing up the old blog and writing about it. It’s just been work and sleeping. It seems that I’ll be in checking & marking more often now, though. This means that I’ll be going through boxes of stock, making sure that everything’s there that should be, and anything that isn’t supposed to be there is dealt with. As I’ll be opening boxes all day, this also means that there’ll be more chance of me lopping off a finger or something. Good times a’comin’!

‘Til next time… Cheery bye!

Saturday Night is Party Night! (Or not, as the case may be…)

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Do you ever have a few good ideas for a blog entry, like, really good ideas, and start working on them in the hope that you’ll come up with some literature gold, but then you get through a few paragraphs, read over them, and realise that you’ve just created literature vomit?


I haven’t posted for a few days because I just can’t work out what to write about. I like to put a bit of work into my blog entries (although it may not seem like it most times), because I hate entries like this. That’s just lazy, and asks everyone else to do the work. Work which will have no payoff.

So I’ve got three days off in a row this week. I then have two days on (Tuesday/Wednesday), two off (Thursday/Friday for the slightly bewildered) and then I’m back on Saturday. That’s a total of three days this week. Way less than the seven days I’m actually available to work. They seem to be cutting everyone’s hours back. I should count myself lucky, actually. Some people only have four hours this week. I’m so glad I don’t have things like rent, petrol or general housey things to worry about. I’m more concerned about whether I’ll have enough to keep my CD appetite satisfied.

Speaking of music, I found a cool band this week. They’re called Prototypes and are from France. I guess the only way to describe them is ‘electro-rock’, but that doesn’t really do them justice. You could also say they’re like The Grates, but only if The Grates were French, dabbled in some bad rapping, and were more dancey. Anyway, they’re pretty good, and one of their songs was in an iPod ad, which is automatically cool (but only just. I think The Vines were in an iPod ad as well…) Their album’s called Prototypes, and is available from the iTunes Music Store (the Australian one, that is) here.

Also on the music front, the new album by The Shins, Wincing the Night Away is pretty damn good. For all that hype that’s going on over them (I still don’t know what Zach Braff or Natalie Portman have to do with The Shins… Are they friends or something?) they’ve managed to produce a cool little album that sounds just as good as Chutes Too Narrow.

Another cool album is that by Damon Albarn’s new band. Officially, they don’t have a name, because in Damon’s little world, they’re not really a band at all! Anyway, everyone who isn’t a bit of a knobhead calls them The Good, The Bad & The Queen, and their album is called The Good, The Bad & The Queen. It’s almost like a continuation of Blur‘s Think Tank, with its slightly dark sound, but with guitar, a soul, and Damon’s ‘Deadpan through a loudspeaker’ vocals (You know what I’m talking about here – think Feel Good Inc.). I really quite like it. It doesn’t hurt that it’s produced by Danger Mouse, the Producer of the Moment, who can do no evil (see Gorillaz, Gnarls Barkley and The Rapture for further evidence of this).

As a side note, do you reckon they’re called The Good, The Bad & The Queen because it comes right after Gorillaz? Nothing better than alphabetically consistent side projects, I say!

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the new Bloc Party album. Having not heard their first album, Silent Alarm, I don’t have the ‘great second album’ hopes that others may have. All I’ve really listened to of theirs is Two More Years (I think it was only released on an EP?) and the lead single from their new one, The Prayer. I quite like The Prayer, so I’m hoping that it’s a good indication of how the rest of the album sounds.

Apart from those, I’ve been going back in time and finding some stuff that I’ve meant to get for a while, but hadn’t due to money and/or apathy. These include Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone? by The Unicorns, Like Drawing Blood by Gotye, Parklife by Blur and Bestseller by Pre.Shrunk. WWCOHWWG? is an odd thing. I don’t mind it, but I do like Islands much more than The Unicorns. Like Drawing Blood is a little masterpiece. It’s just so beautiful sounding and listenable. ‘Listenable’ may sound like an odd description for something that is purely audio, but I use it to describe something that’s so easy on the ears you barely notice it going by. It’s just there, and you’re enjoying the journey, and then it’s finished. If I’d bought this CD last year, it would have definitely made the Top Twenty. Parklife wouldn’t have, on the other hand, because it was released in 1994. It’s OK. I guess it was more amazing in 1994, when Britpop was big. And Bestseller is also decent. I like Pre.Shrunk’s way with drum & bass. I don’t know whether they’re still together or anything though. They’re probably not. I haven’t heard anything about them for quite some time.

That’s it for tonight! I promise that I’ll come up with something better for the next update!

*Note: Promise is likely to be broken.