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Trialling Ecto

In Uncategorized on January 21, 2007 at 8:19 pm

I’ve purchased and downloaded a little blog editor called Ecto. It looks pretty good. Hopefully, with its help, I will update my blog a bit more.

I might even be able to make it post stuff to LiveJournal as well as WordPress, but I’ll stick to the HalfBlog for now. LJ can come later. Perfection takes time, and at the moment, I have plenty of time.

Well, I don’t really. Work takes up a lot of that time. And pretty soon (about a month now) Uni will be occupying whatever time that work doesn’t. I’ll keep posting, however, because, quite honestly, I don’t have anything better to do! What do I do when I’m not studying? I work! What do I do when I’m not working? I study! It’s all a bit silly, really.

I’ve had plenty of time today because I took the day off of work because my head was throbbing. I think it was from the ultra-heat yesterday. I didn’t drink enough water, and it was terribly humid at work. I’m not made for humidity. Dry heat I can stand. Rain I freaking love. But when their forces combine – BLAM! Jesse is knocked out!

OK… What can I do with my new-found powers? I can do this and this and also this but I’m not really sure why I would… I can also show you exactly what I’m listening to just with the simple click of a button:

The Lost Art Of Shorthand from the album “Nervous Flashlights” by The Fauves
That’s pretty handy!

OK, that’s enough mucking about. Back to regular (now Ecto-Enhanced) updates!


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