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APIA Adverts

In Uncategorized on January 18, 2007 at 7:22 pm

I did this for the Shaun Micallef Forum, but seeing as it’s having some problems at the moment, I thought I’d just chuck it here for now.

Backstory: I’m annoyed at the incredible awfulness of the Australian Pensioners Insurance Agency adverts, and their faux-talk show format, so I started a thread on it at the afore-mentioned forum. Somebody (can’t remember who – as I said, the forum’s down) mentioned the guests, and I got wondering who would be appearing on the ads this year. So I sent APIA an email. This is the original email, and the reply.

(Names and addresses have been changed to protect the innocent)

From: half goon half god
Subject: APIA adverts
Date: 17 January 2007 2:19:52 PM
To: APIA Customer Service


I was wondering which personalities will be appearing in the APIA adverts this year. I’ve seen Jamie Redfern already – who else will be on? And more specifically, will Wilbur Wilde be making a return?

Many thanks,

half goon half god

From: APIA Marketing
Subject: APIA adverts
Date: 17 January 2007 4:08:25 PM
To: half goon half god

As much I would like to ‘spill the beans’, unfortunately the personalities appearing in future editions will need to remain a surprise. I can say however that they will be all new personalities who have not previousluy appeared in our advertisements. Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoy them, and the light-hearted look at the experiences of some people who are Not Working Full-time and over 50 years of age.

Kind Regards

***** *****
Marketing Coordinator
Australian Pensioners Insurance Agency

This was utterly pointless, come to think of it.

  1. And do you really think they believe there’s anyone in the over 50s bracket called Jesse?

    Nice stirring though. Love it.

  2. Haha. Those commercials are so lame.

  3. i am impressed that you got a response

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