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Geeks + Violence

In Uncategorized on December 20, 2006 at 10:18 pm

I had a weird dream last night.

It started off with me in some bizarre sort of field, but a field that had a large Uni campus. This campus happened to sell Nintendo Gameboy DS. However, to reach the small store where they were sold, you had to go up a tower and traverse scaffolding. I guess it was kind of like a video game, where you have to climb really high on a rickety path and not fall over the edge.

So I’m going up this scaffolding around the tower, and I’m wearing my Slaqwear shoes, and there’s Asian kids everywhere playing on their Gameboys, and they’re not getting out of my way. Because I’m wearing these particular shoes, everytime the scaffolding goes down, I start slipping and almost falling through the barriers on the edge. The Asian kids still don’t get out of my way. It’s really quite precarious!

I eventually get inside, grab a DS, and get out. I don’t think I actually pay for it, though.

The dream then skips to inside a car. I’m in there with 3 other people. but I don’t recognise them. I open the box, going ‘Yeah, it only cost $99!’ (Despite not paying at all), and someone else goes ‘Wow! $99’s a great price!’ Then I realise that the Gameboy is shaped like a Pokemon, and I’m sadly disappointed.

Another skip in location – this time, I’m still in the car, but parked in a dark, Mexican-themed alleyway, and watching the entrance to a small computer shop. There is a small number of people hangng around the door. It’s explained by one of the other people in the car that the new edition of Mac OS X is to be released at midnight. Then somebody’s head turns, and sees the door is open. The small crowd rushes the doors, and more people emerge from the shadows. A couple of blokes find another doorway, and run in through there. And this is where it turns nasty.

Skinheads pour out the new door, and start smashing people. It’s chaos! People and cars are flying everywhere, there’s flames, there’s shattering glass, it’s mental. The driver of the car I’m in gets out, and yells at the skinheads “Oy! Why don’t you smash more glass, you dickheads!” That gains their attention, and they rush the car. The driver jumps back in and we speed off into a square (again, Mexican themed). That’s when the skinheads manage to punch their way through the roof and attack the driver.

I woke up at this point. Pity, really. I woke up because Dad was clearing leaves out of the gutter. AT 5.50AM! wtf?

  1. Mexican skinheads who use Mac OS launches as cover for attacks?

    Best Tarantino film ever.

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