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iPod Delivery

In Uncategorized on December 18, 2006 at 3:17 pm

Yeah, so I’ve bought a new iPod. It’s white, with 80Gb, and it’s engraved. I bought it from the Apple Store, so it’s been delivered by TNT. And that’s caused serious headaches for me.

Apparently, according to Apple, post offices aren’t secure enough. So they don’t let you use a PO box for delivery. Pity, then, that they allow you to use a PO box for invoicing, then say ‘do you want to use this for delivery as well?’ Of course I do. That’s my address.

So I check the order through TNT on Saturday, and it’s saying ‘address incomplete/incorrect/missing’. Because they don’t like PO boxes. And I had to wait until Monday to fix it, because they didn’t contact me at all. When an address is incorrect, aren’t they supposed to contact you to get another one or something? Not just go ‘oh, we can’t deliver that… Let’s deliver another one, yeah?’ If it wasn’t for internet tracking, I wouldn’t have a clue what was happening with it.

I ring them on Monday, and get them to change the address to Mum’s work, seeing as there’s no way they could deliver it here – we have no street number. ‘Sure’, they say. ‘It should be delivered tomorrow’. I tell them that this is fine, because Mum won’t be at work today, but she will be there tomorrow.

I check the tracking status on Monday night… ‘Dec 18, 23:59 – Receiver on holiday‘. I tell them she’s not going to be there, they tell me it will be delivered on Tuesday, and they deliver it on Monday! Grr!

I had to ring them again this morning. I went through two departments before I got somebody who could help. She was very friendly, and was worried that the address might not have been authorised or that Mum wouldn’t be able to sign for it. I finished up the call at about 9.15.

At 10, I got a call from Mum – my iPod had arrived. Crisis over. But now I have to wait until Mum gets home to play with my new gadget.

  1. at least you got it in the end.

    you crazy people who live in the sticks, with your crazy postal problems!

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