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In Uncategorized on December 7, 2006 at 7:28 am

I watched a bloke get arrested outside Woolworths in Rundle Mall yesterday. He was swearing his head off, and trying to get away, but there were about 3 guys surrounding him, and a big guy with a ponytail had hold of his arm. They got control of him pretty good, and marched him into the building. I guess he stole something. Imagine if he didn’t. That would explain his annoyance. I bought a book to write this all down, but I didn’t use it. I hate it when I buy something for a purpose, but then I get sidetracked into something else, and I never use it.

I saw Tez at TTP on Wednesday afternoon. I haven’t seen her for ages. And I wouldn’t have bumped into her if I’d gone through with my previous plan of action to get from the interchange to JB HiFi. I was originally going to go from the interchange, through the undercover part of the carpark, and enter TTP through the doors near Target. I had that all worked out. But then, at the last moment, I decided to go down the ramp, and through the doors near Coles. If I had gone the other way, I wouldn’t have seen her. I don’t exactly know why it was, though, that I decided to change my route. Which made me think of determinism.

From what I understand, determinism is the theory that we have no control over our actions. Everything is laid out for us depending on previous occurences. Which happened because of what already happened. There’s nothing that can’t be explained by prior happenings. But we cope with this by justifying it in our heads that we chose to do whatever it was we did. So, like, this was determined by all sorts of events already. It was determined by how fast I walked, which side of the mall I walked on, how long I waited at the crossing, where I sat on the bus, how many people were on the bus, how long it took for the bus to get from the city to TTP, which bus I caught, how the heat affected my route through town, how long it took to have lunch, what time it was that I knocked off work, and so on. It’s all linked. But the question is WHY? It’s really quite fascinating. If everything’s determined, everything must have a reason. Everything must have a purpose.

  1. The one where you’ve got no choice is fatalism. I prefer determinism, which according to the Mac dictionary is the same as fatalism, but I think the subtle difference is that in fatalism you have no choice, but with determinism you have the power to choose your choice and do the will of the universe regardless. Or at least, that’s the way Ricky Gervais once explained the difference to Karl Pilkington on his podcast.

    Well lookie there, that was a very pointless 74 words. Maybe I do miss uni. Fate is a very interesting beast, anyway.

    I’m back from the beach.

  2. As yes. That’s what I was thinking of!

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