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Last Days

In Uncategorized on November 19, 2006 at 12:22 am

I hand my last essay (Media Literacies) in tomorrow. And that will be uni done for the year. No more brain-work until March! I can’t believe how quick the year’s gone. It doesn’t feel like it was all that long ago that I sat down to my first lecture (World Politics), then wandered over to the State Library and almost fell asleep. What an eventful day that was. And now, after all these months (and a change in both course and location) it’s almost over!

I’m going to take the rest of the month off. I’ll pretty much do nothing this week, and I’m going to Melbourne for a couple of days next week, and then I’ll be going back to full availability at work. First shifts will be Tuesday/Wednesday, first week of December. And I’ll get to be in homewares! Ah, homewares. What would I do without you?

I’ll tell you what I’d do – I was general runner yesterday and Friday, after many weekends of being in homewares. It’s something to do with them putting the girls from the floor in the reserve. So I was doing other stuff. This other stuff involved collecting cardboard (boo!) and marking off a few boxes of books. That was fun, because I found a couple of old classics from my childhood in there – Where The Wild Things Are and Harry the Dirty Dog. I freaking loved those books, so it was great to see they’re still being stocked.

Well, I’d better get back to work. Only 300ish words to finish the main body of the essay, then I have to write the intro and conclusion. That’s all!

Cheery Bye!



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