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Dude can’t dance.

In Uncategorized on November 19, 2006 at 10:44 am

Just what is the reason for screening this – ‘So You Think You Can Dance’? It’s been on for about half an hour so far, and I have seen about 5 minutes of dancing. One guy attempted to perform what looked like star jumps while wearing red track pants, then said that his name is ‘Sex’. No, mate, you are not. You are ‘starjump-trackpants’.

Actually, that’s not such a bad name. Hell, there’s a ‘Spongebob Squarepants’. Why not ‘Starjump Trackpants’? It makes just as much sense.

ONE GUY JUST SAID THAT HE ‘OOZES FANTASTICISMS’!!!!! HIS FIRST WORDS TO THE JUDGES WERE ‘WHERE DO I PUT MY MINK?’!!!!! Then he squirmed around for a minute before the judges told him that he was shite. Dude can’t dance.

Anyway, I finished my essay this afternoon. I relaxed with a beer, a pack of doritos, and a copy of The Chaser’s War On Everything vol 2. Brilliant. Made even better by a barbeque dinner.

Some days are just awesome.

  1. how cosmopolitan, you spelt out barbeque rather than go with the aussie bbq iteration.

    I saw a bit of that dancing show, and I to say ‘sex’. I didn’t see him dance, but i figured that wasn;t the point. He had some grandma pimping him, like she was his hype-granny, saying how good he was. Anyone who has to list off their achievments to say how good they are… sorry, that just means you are shithouse and you can’t accept it.

    I should know, its what Sausage Boy is built on!

  2. If he was true old skool he’d spell it barbecue, like a Melburnian.

    I watched So You Think You Can Dance tonight. It was pretty crap, except for the Six-Step Crew guys who did crazy stuff. And the girl who danced at a ‘level expected of a five or six year old’. But the rest was crap.

    Curse you for making me watch it!

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